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Choosing an Air Conditioning and Heating System - Choosing your heating and air conditioning system can seem like a daunting task. There are a wide variety of choices and even with the help of a reputable contractor you may have to do some research to find the system that is right for you. Having a contractor that you can trust, like "A Plus Perfect" James K. Hafke of Florida, who understands how different aspects of your home can affect the performance of your air conditioning equipment is a good idea. Selecting the proper equipment is crucial to keeping yourself and your family comfortable for years to come and will help save you money on energy costs and repairs.

Match the System - If you have to change the outdoor air conditioning or condensing unit consider changing the indoor coil to match it. Ask your contractor if the indoor or evaporator coil is compatible or if it also needs to be changed. Mismatching a high efficient condensing unit with a low efficient indoor coil can not only cost you most if not all of the added efficiency but can also damage your compressor valves and cause your compressor to wear out much sooner than it normally would. Consider the Noise level - Another important factor to consider when buying a unit is its noise level. If your unit has a low sound level, you will hardly notice it is operating, while high levels may mean many sleepless nights and annoyed neighbors. Air conditioning and heating equipment is rated by a sound rating number or SRN, which is based on American Refrigeration Institute tests and range from 6.8 (which is the quietest), to 13 (which is the loudest). Most air conditioners operate at from 7 to 9 bels. It doesn't sound like much but a unit operating at 9 bels is actually 10 times louder than a unit operating at 8 bels.

Don't Forget the Ductwork - While you are replacing your system consider having your ductwork checked to see if it needs any repairs or if it needs to be replaced. If some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold, if the insulation on your ductwork is peeling or if there is a buildup of contaminants inside, consider having your ducts evaluated to see if they need replacing. Also, return air grills in each room should be evaluated to see if they are properly sized and working correctly.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat - Programmable thermostats can be set to adjust the temperature setting according to a user's schedule. These thermostats typically have a digital interface that allows more precise temperature control and a wider range of options or features, and can automatically store and repeat settings daily with allowance for manual override. By eliminating manual setback, which is easy to forget, they allow the setting of more comfortable temperatures in the morning before occupants wake. Temperature setback can be adjusted for both heating and cooling seasons.

Consider Your Comfort - There are other add-ons to your system that you might consider to increase your comfort level and help your system to keep you healthier. Air cleaners are great for those with allergies and will help keep your house cleaner. These range from simple electrostatic filters to more expensive electronic air cleaners and ultraviolet filters. Humidistats are like traditional thermostats, but also monitor and control humidity. Zoning Systems divide your home into several separate zones or areas with similar comfort needs, with separate thermostats and dampers that automatically adjust the temperature in each of those zones. This allows you to cool only the area where you need it, so you save money. Also you can allow different people in the same home to adjust the comfort level to suit themselves.